Have your pet come get pampered!

So who are we?

The Art Pet Spaw & Emporium strives to be Oakville's premier pet aesthetics and accessory provider. Our ethics and vision are firmly rooted in the strength of the human animal bond, and our goal is to assist you as pet parents in providing the most fantastic quality of life for your four legged family members!

Your choices of our services range from our individual 'treatments' to our exceptional 'Spaw' packages, offering top of the line in grooming and aesthetics in our relaxing & intimate environment, to our excellent quality nutritional selections and the most outrageously awesome selection of pet paraphernalia from opulent collars, leashes, cool clothing, treats, and toys. Customer service and over the top pet pampering are our mandates.

The Ark Pet Spaw & Emporium will be your total solution to all your furry friends needs!

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  • By 9:30am we had two calls about skunked dogs last night. MAKE NOISE! Flick your patio lights on and off. Stomp your feet, clap your hands, and go out before you let your dogs out. Full moon is prime skunk activity time! Scare those rascals away!July 20th 2016, 14:46
  • BEWARE!!! Skunks are out in force! Dont forget to do the skunk dance before letting dogs, out from dusk till dawn... Or you may find yourself in need of some of our Skunk-Off Shampoo and Soaker.July 19th 2016, 18:14
  • Thunderstorms are great for reducing our humidity, but can be very stressful for some pets! ThunderShirts work wonders in helping manage those stress levels. Stop by and check them out. We can help you pet feel more chilled out about those experiences. Also great for fear of fireworks, or an anxious pet in the car on the way to the cottage.July 15th 2016, 14:06
  • We will be closed for the Canada Day long weekend. Stop by today before 6pm should you need treats, food, K9 water bottles, a life jacket or a ThunderShirt! ...or just to say hi:) Have a safe and fun filed weekend!June 30th 2016, 12:42
  • Our fabulous other half - NOAH doing more of their fabulous things!June 10th 2016, 23:17
  • It is that time of year again... SKUNK season! We have Skunk-Off Shampoo and Soaker available for purchase, or stock your cupboard with peroxide and baking soda. It works! Check out the 'formula'. The Myth Busters guys confirmed that it works:)June 9th 2016, 20:38
  • Oakville has ticks. For real! If you have been putting off tick preventative, give it a second thought! We pulled 4 ticks off one dog, and thanks to the preventative medication, they were not alive. Tick borne diseases are not nice. We highly recommend talking to your veterinarian, if you have not done so already.June 8th 2016, 13:56
  • The Ark will be CLOSED Saturday, Sunday and Monday for the Victoria Day weekend. Please be sure to stock up on treats, chews and food:)May 17th 2016, 15:52


We have a range of services from our individual 'treatments' to our exceptional 'Spaw' packages. Your furry family member will get the best professional care available!


At The Ark, you'll find an excellent selection of quality canine and feline nutrition. We have something for everyone!